hat style am I looking for? What is your style? Can you explain the differences?

Photography has been around for quite some time now. In the beginning the process was complicated and expensive. People used to photograph themselves for the most important events only.  These first photos were classic portraits, just like the old time masterpieces by Da Vinci, Giotto etc. Traditional wedding photography evolved and today we have a myriad  of styles:

Traditional (Formal) 




 Illustrative/ Artistic


   Fashion/ Glamor

Fine Art



Special Effects, Retro, Vintage, Cross Processed         


European portraiture

Trash the Dress


takes a formal approach as to how the wedding is photographed and consists of a number of classically posed portraits. Back in the day, photographers were interested in taking only those images that were guaranteed too sell, that's why you can't expect a great number of shots. Plus, count the time involved in making the prefect pose. The Traditional style involves much orchestrating on the part of the photographer, who follow his check list of must have images. You will receive high quality formal pictures, which would stand with the test of time with their beauty and timelessness. Great light, exposure, clarity, background everything is superb, except that it may not exactly reflect what your Big day was like.

involves lots of creative and artistic images, shot at a meticulously chosen locations with the prefect light and beautiful scenes for background. Be ready for quite a bit of posing and creative input. Composition and design make these images most elegant and fairy tale-like. For reference, google European Renaissance painters or their counterpart here Disney.

Relax now! is part of the family of the contemporary approaches for your wedding. It started with the East coast newspaper photographers who in their spare time would shoot weddings with the company cameras on B&W roll films. Expect tons of candid,ambient light and non posed photos. Sometimes you could be surprised with the angle or spontaneity of the moment. Photographers are in the background using zoom lenses. They shoot without much interfering with the couple, posing is minimal, but in the end you will get a great storybook of your Big Day. The Photojournalism has its little brother the reportage photography. This extreme style suits the newspaper photographers absolutely no poses and thousand of unedited Black and White images. My advice stay away :)

has much in common with the fine art photography, but is more contemporary. It involves the unique creative approach of the photographer, so in the end you may be surprised by his interpretation of the event. Composition and originality produce stunning results, often digitally enhanced with programs like Photoshop and its many filters. Photographer or the couple may utilize different prop objects that reflect their character or make the session fun and interesting. This type of photography is often published in magazines, much like a editorial story. Photographer sets the light and composition at the desired environment and then lets the couple interact freely.

is found in the best bride magazines. This haute couture style involves unique and modern posing and expression with emphasis on the dress. The photographer usually is accompanied by assistants because of the off camera lighting equipment needed for the avante guarde look of the product. Of course, post production plays a big role too. This style doesnt fit most couples, as one needs to be familiar with model posing.

- well, that is self explanatory. Besides different techniques used at the time of shooting, much retouching is done digitally in front of the computer. Black and White, Sepia, Cross processing, vintage (1920s style), retro look (1970s), insets etc etc etc. Make sure that the photographer doesnt substitute bad exposition and composition with over filtering. Special effects can give your images a different mood and rendition and are a welcome bonus to a properly photographed wedding.

photography 99.99% of the time this style involves shooting after the Event, otherwise something is going horribly wrong with your wedding:). Basically brides go for this style as a nice or not so nice way to say good bye to a dress they will never wear again. The style reflects the personality and character of the bride she could choose ocean, mountain, downtown or any dirty place where to destroy her dress. Photographers often use their fashion magazine skills to contribute for a wow effect.

Finally, don't forget you uncle's style too! You can always ask him to shoot your wedding if you're on a reaaaaaly tight budget. Not sure what you're going to get - but hey it's free :)

We love to mix, but mostly shoot Artistic + Photojournalism + Traditional styles and as a bonus, clients get sets with B&W, Vintage and Low-Resolution images. On our portfolio pages we have publish some of the most interesting photos and often they are either artistic or contemporary, whimsical or pure fun. During the reception hour we shoot candidly from afar , while  family, bridal and part of the couple's sessions are in the traditional approach.

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